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航空物流服务:外贸英语干货 ——教你如何询盘?



offer 报盘,报价

to offer for 对...报价

to make an offer for 对...报盘

firm offer 实盘

non-firm offer 虚盘

to forward an offer (or to send an offer) 寄送报盘

to get an offer(or to obtain an offer) 获得...报盘

to accept an offer 接受报盘

to entertain an offer 考虑报盘

to give an offer 给...报盘

to submit an offer 提交报盘

official offer 正式报价

quote 报价

quotation 价格

preferential offer 优先报盘

cost of production 生产费用

reasonable 合理的

competitive 有竞争性的

the preference of one's offer 优先报盘

wild speculation 漫天要价

subject to 以...为条件,以...为准

offer subject to our written acceptance 以我方书面接受为准的报盘

offer subject to sample approval 以样品确定后生效为准的报盘

offer subject to our final confirmation 以我方最后确认为准的报盘

offer subject to export/import license 以获得出口(进口)许可证为准的报价

offer subject to prior sale 以提前售出为准的报盘

offer subject to goods being unsold 以商品未售出为准的报盘

offer subject to your reply reaching here 以你方答复到达我地为准的报盘

offer subject to first available steamer 以装第一艘轮船为准的报盘

to extend an offer 延长报盘

to renew an offer 或 to reinstate an offer 恢复报盘

to withdraw an offer 撤回报盘

to decline an offer 或 to turn down an offer 谢绝报盘

unacceptable 不可接受的

workable 可行的

at wide intervals 间隔时间太长

make headway 有进展

counter-offer 还盘,还价

offeror 发价(盘)人

offerer 发价人,报盘人

offeree 被发价人

offering 出售物

offer letter 报价书

offer sheet 出售货物单

offer list/book 报价单

offer price 售价

offering date 报价有效期限

offering period 报价日

concentration of offers 集中报盘

combined offer 联盘,搭配报盘

lump offer 综合报盘(针对两种以上商品)


We have the offer ready for you.


We'll let you have the official offer next Monday.


We are in a position to offer tea from stock.


We can offer you a quotation based upon the international market.


My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.


Moreover, We've kept the price close to the costs of production.


Let me make you a special offer.


You'll see that our offer compares favorably with the quotations you can get elsewhere.


This offer is based on an expanding market and is competitive.


Our offers are for 3 days.


We have extended the offer as per as your request.


The offer holds good until 5 o'clock p.m. 3nd of January, 2017, Beijing time.


All prices in the price lists are subject to our confirmation.


It is difficult to quote without full details.


I'll respond to your counter-offer by reducing our price by three dollars.